On a chair in Ville’s yard. As is written by Sandra.

 ”Fuck them haters on this ? chair” and “Now forever its all about sitting on your face V  <3 <3 <3 Love You! -S”

Isn’t she lovely?



Remember when people were claiming every photo of them together was fake?

Its the same kind of “fake.”

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Hmmmm….. is that Villes ring on her hand in her avatar?  Ohhh, the IRONY! Love S and V? GOOD IDEA when you want to be left alone.


The conversation is real … if you want us to believe, well … otherwise you continue to believe what suits you best …
I know who is the other girl and I know Sandra … I know what happened here and you can’t judge, based only on the photos …
A little as the people who believe in everything says the television and doesn’t understand that the reality is quite different.
You don’t know the truth and what is worse is you don’t want to see it.

Goodbye and good luck to the blind

You said it! Thank you!

If people want to argue that it isn’t real, go right ahead! He has friends and family that care about him and are not going to tolerate this in their and his life! Everyone needs to understand that. Seeing him for an hour on stage and interviews is not a good picture of reality. Its like watching a program on being  an astronaut vs. being a trained astronaut and saying both are capable of space travel.

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If you tap “Sandra Mittica” on facebook you will find two accounts. Personally, I think the first one is the real Sandra and the second one (with number at the end of url) is made by some anti-fan to post those stupid messages about Ville and then post their screenshots all over the web.

Why do…

yeah but he has mentioned that he was bad in bed around the same time frame that fb post was found. it was deffo her! she isn’t a nice person she just acts nice to fans because they’re fans

I remember it was found just before.  Later the interview with Ville came out. It was his way of saying he seen what she did. His true friends are getting sick of the bullshit. She may be chocolate icing on the outside, surprise! The cake is made of shit.